Thank you for considering CMPrather, LLC for your Systems Administration / Network Security needs. In my 18+ years of experience, I have been involved in all aspects of Information Technology / Information Systems projects, from end-user desktop support (also commonly referred to as Help Desk support), to designing a network from the ground up for a start-up company, as well as assessing the security vulnerabilities of networks to help harden the systems from the inside out. I enjoy working with end users and provide customized training to fit your office needs. In any case, my company was founded on the idea that I would fill the IT gap in your office - too small to hire someone full-time, but big enough to need someone that knows your system very well and is familiar with what to recommend when it comes to being protected in this day and age of growing security concerns. I look forward to working with you and your staff and providing clear and concise, down-to-earth explanations of technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and Network Security functionality.

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My objective is to support your office in the most practical, effective and efficient manner possible. My experience and familiarity with Windows Server Operating Systems date back to the NT4 days, but my skills are as current as Server OS 2008/2012. My desktop Windows OS experience is in the same field, going all the way back to Windows 3.11 through todays Windows 10, with every flavor in between. I’m very skilled with networking hardware, including switches, firewalls and wireless access points, and can cover all aspects of security with you regarding each of these areas. My ability to suggest secure means of communication and data storage comes from an extensive background in HealthCare IT, where HIPAA and HiTech Act set the standards for compliancy. In the end, your security is only as strong as your weakest link, so I take great pride in training your end users extensively in Best Practices for computer system security as well as being aware of Social Engineering vulnerabilities to keep your network as secure as possible from every angle.

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Systems Administration and Network Security

Frequent and unpredictable patches from the big software companies can leave you wondering if your system is secure or stable. A maintenance contract with me is an affordable way to ensure your systems run smoothly. All routine maintenance is done after-hours so as not to disrupt your work day, and are verified before being deployed live to all systems so that you don’t suffer any downtime. Computer systems that work smoothly improve your office moral and help give your employees the confidence they need to get their job done in an effective and timely fashion. Contracts are customized by client needs - whatever best suits your company!

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